Two dates left on the Res Hall Tour…this evening, Bethel!

We’re getting down to the final leg of the Spring 2017 Residence Hall Tour, and we’re going to go out strong! Bethel Hall, we’re coming for you this evening (5 pm)! Bring any questions, comments, and feedback (perhaps about the new meal plans).

Meet us, talk to us, it’s gonna be great!


Res Hall tour

TONIGHT: Celentano Hall, the #reshalltour is comin’ at ya

As our Spring 2017 Residence Hall Tour winds down to our last few stops, the excitement and enthusiasm is higher than ever!

Tonight we hit Celentano Hall at 8 pm, so residents and guests, bring your thoughts, questions, and suggestions down to the lobby and meet with us. We want to hear from all of you!

Res Hall tour

Sodexo Dan’s Spring 2017 Residence Hall Tour: Sheffield Hall

Res Hall tour

Residents/friends of residents/people in the near vicinity of Sheffield Hall, tonight is your night! In the lobby of Sheffield, at 8 pm, Sodexo Dan is making his latest stop on his Spring Tour of the residence halls on campus. Sit down with him, chat for a bit, and get your voice heard when it comes to dining services. Feedback of all kinds is encouraged and accepted…whether it’s items you love and would like to see more, things you aren’t too keen on, or questions regarding the new meal plans. He would love to hear from you! So be there, Sheffield Hall, 8 pm, and let’s talk!