Another doubleheader for Dining Dan and his hall tours!

After last week’s date re-schedule, Dining Dan‘s Fall 2018 Residence Hall Tour is heading to Dunham-Ruden (will be in Dunham Hall) at 6:15 pm tonight, followed shortly by Celentano Hall at 7:30 pm.

Come on out and meet Dining Dan and bring any questions, feedback, suggestions, or comments you might have! See you there!


dining dan tour

DOUBLEHEADER: The Tour takes on two halls in one night!

sheffield bergami flyer


After an extremely successful opening week of the Fall 2017 Residence Hall Tour, Dining Dan is headed on a double header of visits this evening.

Sheffield Hall is up first, at 5 pm, followed closely by Bergami Hall at 8 pm. 

The wind and the rain can’t stop this tour from chugging along! Residents of those halls, come out and bring comments, suggestions, and questions to Dining Dan!

GERBER HALL: Kickoff event to the Fall 2017 Residence Hall Tour!

gerber flyer

The time has come! Roll out the red carpets, put out the fine china, it’s the opening night of Dining Dan’s Residence Hall Tour: Fall 2017!

Gerber Hall is the first stop to open things up, so at 7 pm, bring any comments, suggestions, or thoughts to me!

See you guys tonight, and see EVERYONE soon!

Dining Dan                                                                                                                        @DiningDan

Fall 2017 Dining Dan Residence Hall Tour Dates Announced!


The time has come! The semester-ly tour of residence halls that Dining Dan takes to gather feedback, suggestions, and comments is finally here for the Fall 2017 term.

There are still a few halls with TBA dates, keep your eyes peeled for those soon!

The tour kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday), October 25, with Gerber Hall at 7 pm. Those living in Gerber, come on by and give all the feedback you can!

“Traveling Through Interesting Conversations”…what a fun program!

Last night, 9/13, I had the pleasure of being asked to participate in a great program that the RAs of Gerber Hall put together, called “Traveling Through Interesting Conversations”.

This program was for the first year residents of Gerber Hall, who would “travel” to four stops in small groups, with a passport that got stamped at each stop. I was lucky enough to be one of the stops, alongside Campus Police, the Myatt Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Academic counselor of the hall.

All the students were fun, excited, and eager to participate, as I used each session as a way to get a “three week checkup”. These students are in the third week of being Chargers, how did they like their experience so far when it comes to dining on campus? The results were great feedback, exciting suggestions, and awesome insight.

Thank you to Lisa and the great RAs of Gerber, and all the students that were involved as well! See you guys soon when Dining Dan starts his tour of all the residence halls!


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