iCommit: Join our sustainability challenge tomorrow in the Marketplace!

iCommit, Sodexo’s sustainability program, is in full force this week. With Earth Day coming on Sunday, we at University Dining want to hear how students can contribute to helping the planet! Show us what you’ve got tomorrow, April 20, in the Marketplace for lunch.

We will be set up with chalkboards, where you will come up with a way you can help contribute to saving the planet! It doesn’t have to be rocket science…it’s as simple as “recycling”, “turning the water off when you brush your teeth”, or “turning lights off when you leave the room”. Every little bit helps!

So come on down to the Marketplace tomorrow, and let’s commit together to helping the planet!

It’s iCommit week! Keep an eye out for events during this week

iCommit is Sodexo’s program promoting sustainability initiatives. Each year, we do events that promote good sustainable habits that benefit the earth. Well, we’re back! We will have two different chances to help us out. Tuesday, 4/17 and Friday, 4/20 we will be in Marketplace and FöD (locations and times TBD, we’ll announce here!). Come out and show your support by telling us what sustainable habits you can do in your daily lives! From “turning the water off while brushing teeth”, to “turning lights off in rooms when you leave them”, no idea is too simple or too small. They all benefit our world!