Soup du Jour: Charger Cafe

soup du jour logo

We are rolling out our new soup program, “Soup Du Jour”, here at U New Haven! Each day, there will be a different soup located at Jazzman’s, Charger Cafe, The Marketplace, and FöD.

Today’s soup at Charger Café is Butternut Apple! Enjoy a delicious bowl, plus a roll, for $3.59!

Fuel up for finals at the Charger Cafe!

Research has shown that it’s extremely advantageous to study on a full stomach. (And by research, I mean I read that on the latest “Toilet Talk” in Bartels). Well, take advantage of that!

fuel up for finals

Charger Cafe will have cereal cups and energy snack bars for sale all throughout finals! So when you’re cramming for your exams in the library, swing on by and fuel up!