Get ready…our next Elite Event is right around the corner!

Stone Steakhouse was a fantastic success, and we look forward to transitioning quickly to the next Elite Event! On Wednesday, March 28th, Food on Demand will bring you “By Land or Sea”. Those who have attended this event before know how delicious the experience can be.


Keep a lookout for the menu, which will be unveiled soon!

A HUGE day for dining on campus!

Today, April 12, is a big day to dine on campus!

grilled cheese

It is National Grilled Cheese Day, which means we have some great lunch options for you lovers of cheese melted between two pieces of delicious bread!

FöD: Celebrate with either a nice Florentine grilled cheese (spinach & tomato), a BBQ Crunch & bacon grilled cheese (bacon & BBQ chips with pepper jack cheese), or our old faithful grilled cheese! You can get tomato soup on the side as well!

Marketplace: Create your own delicacy with a build a grilled cheese bar at the Chef’s Choice station! Choose from cheddar, American, or Manchego cheese, with your choice of portabella mushrooms, tomato, caramelized onions, or bacon. Grab a hot bowl of tomato soup to go with it!



In addition to National Grilled Cheese Day, tonight’s the night for BBQ Blues! Those who signed up for our second to last Elite Event of the semester will get to enjoy great barbecue outside on the FöD patio. Experience the barbecue that sings to your soul!

TWO Elite Events at FöD this month!

Every month we host Elite Events at Food on Demand. These are the dinners where you make a reservation, are seated by a host, and treated to a full four course meal. Attendance has been growing, and popularity surging. Well, for April, we will be hosting not one, but TWO Elite Events!

Also, the two in April buck the trend of the sit down meals…we will be taking full advantage of the patio at FöD!

The first event, BBQ Blues, will be held on April 12th. BBQ Blues will feature a number of BBQ items, all served “cookout” style on the patio. Your mouths will water for this BBQ that sings to your soul!

The second event, Sweet Things, is happening on April 26th. This focuses on the Sweet Things in life…dessert! Even though it’s Wednesday, it will definitely be a Sundae Funday!

Sign up for both events by filling out a reservation card at the cashier’s station at Food on Demand, or by sending an e-mail to