We Heard You! Changes in how dining dollars transfer – Read on!

The limit of dining dollars that transfer from the fall semester to spring is gone!

Before, up to $100 of dining dollars would be added to your spring semester total…so if you had $75 left at the end of the fall, $75 would transfer. But if you had $150, only $100 would transfer. No more! Now you get to keep that $150 in its entirety!

This change applies to all the residential plans, plus commuter meal plans. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Now at WOW: Extreme Nachos!

It’s time to get EXTREME! Get down to WOW and dig in to some Extreme Nachos!

WOW extreme nachos.jpg

With fresh tortilla chips covered in Queso blanco, chili, and topped with tomato, onion & jalapeno, Extreme Nachos is sure to deliver the zest and taste everyone enjoys. Try it today!

Cooking with Class – Tonight!


For those that enjoy cooking, those that want to start cooking, or those who just love food, tonight is the event for you! At 6 pm in the Westside Hall lounge kitchen, join one of our head chefs as he will walk you through how to prepare and make an apple cider & red wine poached chicken breast, served with veggies on a lettuce wrap. In addition to being delicious, it is also nutritious, and you can learn all about the different health benefits of the dish from our Dietetic Technician Courtney!

So come on out and learn, taste, and enjoy!

Lots happening this week, check it all out!

Welcome back to campus, Chargers! We here at University Dining hope you had a fantastic and relaxing Thanksgiving break with friends and family. There are some big things happening this week, check them out!



Cooking with Class

Tuesday, November 28 marks the first of the “Cooking with Class” series. Join Chef Danny Hernandez in the Westside Hall lounge kitchen at 6 pm to learn how to prepare and cook a delicious meal, and also get some great nutritional tips from our nutrition expert Courtney!



Elite Event: Wasabi & Ginger

Wednesday, November 29th is our next Elite Event at Food on Demand, Wasabi & Ginger. Those who have signed up (and you still can through this evening!) can make their way to FoD between 5 pm and 7 pm to enjoy their night of Asian cuisine!



Chargin’ Up Your Burger

After a week of cryptic posts and vague subtleties, we are proud to announce our all new burger at the Beach Grill in the Marketplace! The new beef patty is bigger (1/4 pound), juicier, and better than ones in the past, plus each day brings a different special available at lunch and dinner. Our debut burger was the “Mac & Cheese Burger”, featuring creamy mac & cheese on the new patty. Tomorrow, 11/28, is the “Texas Bean Burger” which comes with refried beans, red onion, cheese sauce, and corn tortilla chips. Let us know your favorites!