Hello Chargers!

We at Sodexo Campus Dining understand how busy things get during a day full of work, classes, and events. It’s tough to see every flyer, read every e-mail, or catch every post.       We have created this blog as a way to see what is exactly going on at our dining locations on campus, so you don’t have to worry about missing things! If there is a special at Jazzman’s, you’ll read about it here. An event going on at Food on Demand? We’ll have it here. We will have updates all throughout the day, making sure our great campus knows EXACTLY what’s going on. So, (some cheap plugs ahead) in addition to following us on Twitter (@UNH_Dining) or liking us on Facebook (UNH Sodexo Campus Dining), bookmark us here (unhdining.wordpress.com)!

            -Sodexo Dan