My time as a vegan..

I started this experiment to see what it was like to be a part of a group of people on campus with a not so popular lifestyle. How would being vegan on campus impact me? Would it be hard? Would I starve? I didn’t know what to expect really but I’m so glad I did it. I feel connected to you all now and I can really appreciate all your concerns on a deeper level because well, I went through it too. I had to ask questions and feel like a burden at some points, take time to read labels and make a conscious decision not to  give up but uphold the commitment I made to myself and to all of you.

Learning how to make meals by taking bits and pieces from stations was really fun. I took vegan cheese and our soy butter at MyZone, added it to the grits we serve in the Marketplace, added some sautéed vegetables from the vegan/veg station and made myself a morning breakfast bowl! It was great. The vegan veg station itself is fun and the food taste great but feeling limited to one station is not fun, I had to be creative. Thats when I went to FoD, they have VEGAN CHICKEN NUGGETS! They also have a vegan stir fry and vegan tortellini. While we do have plenty of options across campus, we could do more and we will do more.

I really want to thank everyone for keeping up with me and watching the instagram stories. To my fellow vegans, I’m with you and I understand you. I made the decision to keep up this lifestyle until the day I no longer feel the need to, could be tomorrow or next year. Thanks!


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