I don’t have a year book to write “Have a good summer” in so this will have to do. I had an amazing year with you all! I can’t wait to rest up (not really) and see you all in the fall. Enjoy yourselves and BE SAFE, get a summer job…or don’t… Hit the beach with family and friends and take a load off, you deserve it. I can’t wait to see you all so you can tell me about your vacation, bring pics or it didn’t happen. Keep up with me through social media and get an inside look at all the things coming your way.

To the seniors, best of luck and enjoy all that life has to offer. It can be rough out there but remember all the lessons you’ve learned in and out of the classroom. Enjoy your lives and keep the Charger Pride…we’re rooting for you.


Use it or lose it

It’s the last few days of school and we’re all gearing up for summer, the only thing standing in the way of us and summer vacation is finals *side eye…while you’re packing up your rooms, throwing things away and sending “Can you come get me” texts to your family, don’t forget about DINING DOLLARS! If you don’t use them between today and Wednesday they will not roll over into summer/fall semester and you’ ll lose them.

A few ideas on how to use them:

  1. Take a friend out for a meal, you can use dining dollars to pay for them.
  2. “Treat yo self” go to Wow or Sandellas after a final. Get yourself something nice.
  3. lastly, use them on yourself. Go to the C-store and splurge, get some food, snacks, dish soap or laundry detergent. or refer back to option 1 and get your friends something they need.

I can’t believe another year has gone by, best of luck on the rest of your finals and safe travels. Where ever you go, tell em Jovan sent ya.


A send off to remember!

Today at the Marketplace we had the pleasure of hanging out with our very own University of New haven police department! They partnered with the Chefs and together they created and served delicious meals, you should have seen it! They were making burritos at Tex-Mex, working the chefs choice action station, and cooking it up at the Beach grill!

We not only had the pleasure of hosting the police department but we got to send our beloved Chief Mooney off, she’s retiring and its her last week. We were so glad we got to thank her for her years of service with a nice fun day serving students like she does best..just in our way. If you see her around, make sure to give her a hello and thank her for keeping us safe.

Best of luck Officer Mooney…remember it’s never a goodbye, just a see you later.