Passover 2019

Mozel Tov my friends, here at University Dining we love to make everyone feel at home and included, so with that, we want to provide some passover friendly food. At the Marketplace we will be providing matzo crackers everyday in the dining room at the salad bar for your enjoyment. We will also be providing wrapped hard boiled eggs in sets of two (everything good comes in 2’s) in the my zone fridge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On Sunday 4/21/19 we will have a passover meal at chefs choice and provide matzo ball soup.

A quick FYI, the simple serving station will also be within the guidelines of passover, we do not use wheat or dairy so head there for some great passover options!!

L’chaim! (to life)



2 thoughts on “Passover 2019

  1. Hey!

    I just wanted to comment to let you know that Passover goes on for a week. While it was great that the dining hall provided food for the students Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, students are still celebrating Passover, and eating a certain way, through April 27th. I was surprised, and left without enough food yesterday when I went to get eggs and Matzah, and both were gone. Thought I’d reach out and let you know that this is more than a weekend holiday, and I know I would appreciate it if the eggs and Matzah were provided throughout the whole holiday.



    • Thank you Rebecca, we are restocked with eggs and Matzah, please come by and see us if there’s anything missing, we are here to help! Enjoy Passover !


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