To go..or not to go?

We at the Marketplace want to give you all the best experience we can, so with that, we would like to refresh you on our current dining hall policies.

First, as you enter the Marketplace dining area we ask that you swipe. we know that some of you have friendly gatherings, one on ones with the faculty on campus, or just want to hang out in between classes, if you’d like to do those things we ask that you please go to the mezzanine level of the Marketplace.

Second, to go containers are meant for swipers who wish to dine elsewhere. If you are planning to dine in the Marketplace, a to go container is not necessary. If you would like to dine here first and have a little something for later, we ask that you please swipe again for the container.

Please understand that we are not trying to be complacent but be compliant with our policies, we thank you in advance.

Stay gold..and blue


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