It’s Never Goodbye Only See You later

Funny story for some of you that don’t know, Dining Dan and I actually went to the same high school. I was a grade younger than him, his younger brother and I were friends and teammates on our school’s lacrosse team (Go Bulldogs!) I didn’t know him then but because of his brother I knew of him. He wasn’t always so “Corporate” Dan had long black Justin Bieber hair, tight jeans, and the famous shelled necklace. Everyone loved Dan because he was such an outgoing people person and someone you wanted to be around because he was He did the talent show and I’m pretty sure he was in a band but that’s for another story.  Eventually he graduated and I really didn’t expect to see again until I came into my first day of work. I was sitting filling out paperwork and I heard a voice, I thought “That sounds like Dan Simpson but can’t be” He kept talking about this bad Bahbie concert in New Haven that he was jokingly trying to get the people in the office to go to. I leaned over to my Operations manager and asked, “Is that Dan Simpson?” I was surprised when she said yes.


Daniel “Dining Dan” Simpson has been your Student Ambassador for 3 years now and today he takes his last walk across campus. He’s held food committee meetings, sat on chairs, and gave his ear to any student with something to say. It’s a sad day but just like the story above goes, you never know when you’ll run into a familiar face. Let him know you appreciate him as you see him around campus today!


We have some charger themed cupcakes at marketplace today in honor of Dan, lets help him charge out the right way!


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