The next Elite Event is coming! Check out the menu for Wasabi & Ginger!

The next Elite Event heading to Food on Demand on Wednesday, October 24th is Wasabi & Ginger – a delicious feast of Asian fusion! Take a peek at the menu below:

Appetizers (choose one)
– Edamame with Tea-smoked Salt
– Spicy Tuna
       Chopped ahi tuna, spicy kimchee sauce, sliced avocado, wasabi tobiko, sushi rice

Entrees (choose one)
– Miso Glazed Salmon
Miso caramel glazed salmon, ginger sesame haricot vert, sushi rice
– Beef Negimaki
Thinly sliced roulade of beef tenderloin with asparagus and scallion, house made                    teriyaki, sushi rice, ginger sesame haricot vert
– Vegetarian Udon
Thick noodle, mushroom miso broth, mixed wild mushroom, tofu, baby bok choy

Each order will also come with:
Chicken Mango Salad
     Thai marinated shredded chicken, ripe mango, green mango, peppers, carrots,                         cilantro, jicama, sweet Thai chili- lime dressing)

Roll Cake for dessert
Matcha green tea cake, Yuzu-ginger buttercream, candied ginger and fresh mango


The event is on Wednesday, October 24th from 5 pm – 7 pm, and will cost a regular meal swipe plus $5. Keep your eyes open for reservation cards at the FoD cashier!

Get a taste of fall with a healthy trail mix bar!

Experience a healthy snack of fall by visiting our dietetic interns Erin & Chris at their Nutrition Nook, where you can make some delicious trail mix! From now until 1:30 at the Bixler/Gerber Quad, fill a baggie of such delights as almonds, cashews, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and M&M’s, among other tasty treats!


Stop by, say hey, and dive in!


Just a few days left for surveys!

Survey time is almost up! We are closing in on the October 6th end date, but are going strong til we hit the finish line! If you haven’t given your feedback (or if you have and would like to give some more), you can find us at the Marketplace or FoD for lunch and dinner until Saturday. Or, you can take the survey on your phone by going to, or by scanning the code at the bottom of this post!

Oh, and did I mention the free candy? I didn’t? Woops! Each completed survey gets you a king-sized candy bar! So get that sweet tooth taken care of today.

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