The next Elite Event is coming! Check out the menu for Wasabi & Ginger!

The next Elite Event heading to Food on Demand on Wednesday, October 24th is Wasabi & Ginger – a delicious feast of Asian fusion! Take a peek at the menu below:

Appetizers (choose one)
– Edamame with Tea-smoked Salt
– Spicy Tuna
       Chopped ahi tuna, spicy kimchee sauce, sliced avocado, wasabi tobiko, sushi rice

Entrees (choose one)
– Miso Glazed Salmon
Miso caramel glazed salmon, ginger sesame haricot vert, sushi rice
– Beef Negimaki
Thinly sliced roulade of beef tenderloin with asparagus and scallion, house made                    teriyaki, sushi rice, ginger sesame haricot vert
– Vegetarian Udon
Thick noodle, mushroom miso broth, mixed wild mushroom, tofu, baby bok choy

Each order will also come with:
Chicken Mango Salad
     Thai marinated shredded chicken, ripe mango, green mango, peppers, carrots,                         cilantro, jicama, sweet Thai chili- lime dressing)

Roll Cake for dessert
Matcha green tea cake, Yuzu-ginger buttercream, candied ginger and fresh mango


The event is on Wednesday, October 24th from 5 pm – 7 pm, and will cost a regular meal swipe plus $5. Keep your eyes open for reservation cards at the FoD cashier!

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