Meet our Re-Charge & NrGize winners…plus a new raffle!

First a Rice Krispie’s treat, now a five pound Hershey’s bar AND free NrGize smoothie! Our second raffle of the semester was a rousing success, with many names in the box ready for their chance at being selected!

NrGize raffled off a free smoothie, won by Michael, while Re-Charge Convenience Market had a five pound Hershey’s bar up for grabs, and our lucky winner is Edriana!

smoothie winner                                  hershey-bar-winner.jpeg
Now, our friends at Rockstar Energy have given us some items that we can raffle off next! It will work the same way as the previous two…every purchase at Re-Charge gets you one entry into a drawing that will have TWO winners this time! One will receive a Rockstar t-shirt, and the other will get a Rockstar hat.

IMG_1074            IMG_1075

This raffle is on now through Wednesday, October 3, so be sure to enter early and often for your chance to win!

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