MAKE IT MINDFUL: Try these two delicious Mindful specials today at the Marketplace!


Today at the Marketplace we have two Mindful dishes for you to fill up on! Mindful is a Sodexo program that focuses on healthy indulgence, full plates, and satisfying flavors. Each entrée contains less than 600 calories due to the use of more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and less fat, and each dessert has less than 200 calories and at least 1g of fiber due to the use of less refined sugar and more fresh fruits!

Today in the Marketplace, we have an entrée and a dessert to satisfy your hunger!

At the Deli station, we have the Southwestern Grilled Turkey Cutlet Sandwich. Containing succulent marinated turkey cutlet, honey barbecue sauce and melted Monterey Jack & crispy bacon, this dish is sure to make your taste buds sing!


And on the dessert side, we have the Cranberry Chocolate Oat Square. Filled with such ingredients as red rice, quinoa, honey, and chocolate chips, this bar will leave you feeling full and happy!

Try both today!

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