Getting excited for the Charger Pride Campus Wide BBQ!

Now that everyone is getting all settled in moved in…it’s time to get out and celebrate! Join the entire University of New Haven family on Saturday, August 25 (tomorrow!) from 4:30 pm – 8 pm and enjoy a fun, delicious, and spectacular BBQ!

Located in the parking lot by Dunham Hall, come join the campus community and dine on scrumptious delights such as watermelon, salads, smoked meats with four sauces to choose from, corn bread, and more. Those of you who attended this event last year know how great it was!

As this is such a huge event, there are some changes to our locations across campus:
Marketplace will close for the night at 2 pm, and FoD will not open for dinner. WoW and Sandella’s will be closed for the day. Re-Charge will be open normal hours (1 pm – 12 am), however.

The University community is looking forward for this great opportunity to relax, connect, and celebrate the start of another great semester!

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