BITE APP: See what’s at Marketplace, right from your phone!

bite app

Have you ever wondered what the offerings were at the Marketplace, but you were in your room in Sheffield, class, or even upstairs in Jazzman’s? Now you don’t have to play the guessing game, you can see right from your phone!

Simply head to your phone’s App Store and search “Bite by Sodexo”. Once installed, you can search by location or by entering “University New Haven” (no “of”!). On the next screen, you’ll see “MENUS” at the bottom right. Click that, then the Marketplace!

Once at the menu screen, you can see each menu item for the day. In addition, you can search by date at the top of the screen (sometimes menus can change, so when searching for days in advance be sure to double check day of!). Also, by clicking the icon at the top right, you can set up filters such as Mindful options, Vegan or Vegetarian options, or allergens.

Download it today!

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