Marketplace and FoD: Lunch happenings!

We have some fun stuff going on today at lunch, check these out!

Dietetic technician Courtney is hosting another nutritional table with a new snack: cucumber sandwiches! Come get your very own, with your choice of filling (hummus, cream cheese, and an avocado spread), while learning about the health benefits of this tasty treat!


Food on Demand
A popular choice comes back! We’re rolling out another Ice Cream Sundae Bar…featuring cookies & cream and chocolate ice cream, with toppings that include Oreo crumbs, M&Ms, caramel sauce, strawberry sauce, chocolate syrup, and brownie bits!

Tonight is the night – Stone Steakhouse!


*Drumroll noises* It’s finally here! After much hype, our first Elite Event of the semester is rolling in to Food on Demand. Stone Steakhouse kicks off at 5 pm this evening!

If you have signed up, come on down to FöD starting at 5 pm (until 7 pm) and check in with the cashier. They will take care of your swipe plus (and your enhancements if you so chose), and send you to be seated. From there, it’s nothin’ but relaxation, great steak, and fun times.

See you tonight!!

Big lunch at the Marketplace – read why!

There is a lot going on for lunch today at the Marketplace…let’s see what’s happening!

– Our dietetic technician Courtney and intern Jackie are hosting their latest “Try It Tuesday” table from 11-2, snap peas! Swing by and learn all about the health benefits of this delicious snack.

– Our latest in the “Recipes from Home” series takes place at Hometown. Chef Anna Sena is bringing the authentic flavor with Cajun catfish, collard greens, roasted sweet potatoes, and green beans & mushrooms. Grab a plate!

– Surveys are still going strong as well, be sure to swing by the table!

Surveys – One week left!


At both the Marketplace and FoD for lunch and dinner, take this last opportunity and take a survey! Every bit of feedback helps us help you by making sure the dining program is an enhancement to your college experience. Plus, you get a king sized candy bar!
If you can’t make it to our table, have no fear! You can absolutely still give your feedback. Just go to this link here!

You Asked, We Listened: Meet the newest side dishes to Food on Demand!

We get a lot of suggestions for menu items, and one that has led the pack is Mac & Cheese…well, we heard you! Food on Demand just added three new side items, each sure to satisfy.

  • Mac & Cheese: good old fashioned baked M&C
  • Veggie Mac: Baked Mac & Cheese, with zucchini and squash
  • Buffalo Mac: Baked Mac & Cheese, tossed with a mix of buffalo and sriracha sauce

Try yours today!!

FöD: Ice Cream Bar for lunch!

Granted it’s a little colder than yesterday, remember the warmth by taking advantage of our Ice Cream Bar at the FöD dessert station!

Scoop yourself some strawberry or cookies and cream ice cream, then make it sparkle with our toppings! We have Oreo crumbs, brownie bits, caramel sauce, strawberry sauce, chocolate syrup, and M&Ms! Try it today!