Marketplace Farmer’s Market…great success!

Today from 11 am to 2 pm, University Dining hosted a Farmer’s Market in the Marketplace. Two booths were set up, Farmer’s Cow outside of Bartels Hall, and Freshpoint in the Student Dining Room.

​Farmer’s Cow, the milk supplier of both Marketplace and Food on Demand, is a local vendor made up of six different Connecticut farms. They brought different flavors of milk and cider, including a unique flavor called Root Beer Milk. It’s like a root beer float in a bottle! Their booth also featured cookie ice cream sandwiches, with different flavors for those as well.


Freshpoint, another local vendor, brought fresh produce from six farms located in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pears, apples, peaches, and nectarines were all available for purchase, and guests to the table also got to sample some always delicious Lyman Orchards apple cider! Freshpoint is another big supplier to our dining locations here on campus. Just today for lunch we featured asparagus, squash, potatoes, and other items that were grown, farmed, and processed right here in Connecticut!


Dining Dan – @DiningDan

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