Last chance to sign up – Seafood House!

Today, 9/25, is the last day to sign up for our first Elite Event of the semester…Seafood House!

Get to Food on Demand to reserve your spot today, or send an e-mail to Don’t miss out on this great event of delicious food and fun atmosphere!

To recap the menu:

Appetizers (choose one):
– Shrimp ceviche with plantain skewer & calamari

– Crab & spinach dip with tomato baguette

Entrees (Choose one):

– Pan seared scallops with bacon and tarragon cream sauce

– Seafood stuffed lemon chicken breast with a spicy enchilada sauce

– Grilled ginger tuna steak with a hoisen glaze and scallion & sesame seeds


All orders come with cheese pierogies & wasabi broccoli as sides, salad, and dessert!

Dining Dollars…let’s talk about ’em!

Dining dollars are a key part of any meal plan you get on campus. They all feature a certain amount of them, and along with the meal swipes, they serve a crucial role in your day to day life!

Basically, dining dollars are currency that are accepted at each dining location that University of New Haven Dining runs, which we will go into a little later on. They act exactly like “real” money, allowing you to make retail purchases without actually hitting your cash flow or credit card statement. Budgeting them successfully can lead to a very enjoyable semester.

Here are the places that accept dining dollars, with some of the faces waiting to greet you!

Marketplace – Food on Demand


Yes, they take dining dollars! Even though both are much more commonly charging meal swipes to students’ IDs, each location does in fact accept dining dollars. There are different meal rates at both Marketplace and FOD…$8 for breakfast, and $11 for lunch and dinner. Those with plans that don’t have all 19 meal swipes can use their dining dollars and still enjoy quality meals!



If you ever stroll the aisles at the C-Store, you’ll see each item has a different price tag, and yes, those can be paid for with dining dollars! Head on in to pick up a delicious snack or a quick meal to take back to the dorm for some hard studying (and definitely not TV or Xbox time…).


WOW – Sandella’s



Our two Bergami locations are a very popular spot to spend dining dollars. Whether it’s the comfort of mouth watering wings and fries at WOW or the savory pasta bowls and flatbreads at Sandella’s, you can definitely get your dining dollars worth here!


Jazzman’s – Charger Cafe


Another popular use of dining dollars is the energizing push of java…coffee! Both coffee shops, Jazzman’s in Bartels Hall and Charger Cafe in the Library, are ready for you to snag some steaming hot joe. Or, one of our other delicious beverage options!



Have you ever needed a refuel after a strenuous workout? Or just loved some healthy smoothies and shakes? Well NrGize, located outside of the weight room in the Beckerman Recreational Center is happy to take care of you!


If you have any more questions about dining dollars (or anything else!) feel free to reach out!

Dining Dan – @DiningDan

“Traveling Through Interesting Conversations”…what a fun program!

Last night, 9/13, I had the pleasure of being asked to participate in a great program that the RAs of Gerber Hall put together, called “Traveling Through Interesting Conversations”.

This program was for the first year residents of Gerber Hall, who would “travel” to four stops in small groups, with a passport that got stamped at each stop. I was lucky enough to be one of the stops, alongside Campus Police, the Myatt Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Academic counselor of the hall.

All the students were fun, excited, and eager to participate, as I used each session as a way to get a “three week checkup”. These students are in the third week of being Chargers, how did they like their experience so far when it comes to dining on campus? The results were great feedback, exciting suggestions, and awesome insight.

Thank you to Lisa and the great RAs of Gerber, and all the students that were involved as well! See you guys soon when Dining Dan starts his tour of all the residence halls!


image1 (1)

Marketplace Farmer’s Market…great success!

Today from 11 am to 2 pm, University Dining hosted a Farmer’s Market in the Marketplace. Two booths were set up, Farmer’s Cow outside of Bartels Hall, and Freshpoint in the Student Dining Room.

​Farmer’s Cow, the milk supplier of both Marketplace and Food on Demand, is a local vendor made up of six different Connecticut farms. They brought different flavors of milk and cider, including a unique flavor called Root Beer Milk. It’s like a root beer float in a bottle! Their booth also featured cookie ice cream sandwiches, with different flavors for those as well.


Freshpoint, another local vendor, brought fresh produce from six farms located in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pears, apples, peaches, and nectarines were all available for purchase, and guests to the table also got to sample some always delicious Lyman Orchards apple cider! Freshpoint is another big supplier to our dining locations here on campus. Just today for lunch we featured asparagus, squash, potatoes, and other items that were grown, farmed, and processed right here in Connecticut!


Dining Dan – @DiningDan

Dum da-da dum! The first Elite Event of the semester…Seafood House!

The wait is over…Elite Events are coming back to FoD!

For those who are new to Charger Nation, Elite Events are special dinners we do monthly at Food on Demand. For a small added cost of $3, you can reserve your spot at the event. It is a sit down dinner, where your upscaled cuisine is served to you in four courses. When you make a reservation, you get to choose your meal for the evening from a bunch of choices.

This month’s Event is Seafood House. Delicious seafood served with delectable sides and appetizers!


First course – Salad: Bacon ranch pasta salad served over mixed greens.

Second course – Appetizers (choose one): Shrimp ceviche OR crab & spinach dip

Third course – Entrees (choose one): Scallops, with bacon & tarragon cream sauce OR Lemon chicken stuffed with seafood with a spicy enchilada sauce OR Ginger tuna steak with a hoisen glaze, scallions, and sesame seeds.

– All entrees come with cheese pierogies and wasabi broccoli –

Fourth course – Dessert: Pumpkin mousse parfait with a caramel drizzle.

Sign up today by filling out a reservation card at the Food on Demand cashier’s station, or by sending an email to

We will need: contact name, contact number or e-mail, how many in your party, and an entree & appetizer selected for each member.

Those with meal plans with swipes, the cost is a normal swipe, plus 3 dining dollars. Those not on meal plans or bringing guests, the cost is $13 per person.

Enjoy, and seas the day!

Dining Dan – @DiningDan


SANDELLA’S: Our newest special…Fiji Chicken Quesadilla

Dining Dan here, with another exciting update of our offerings on campus!

Now being served at Sandella’s: Fiji Chicken Quesadilla! This delicious quesadilla is sure to satisfy, bringing chicken, pineapple, red peppers, corn, chedder Jack cheese, and peanuts together. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more tasty, it is topped with Sandella’s own Thai Peanut sauce and fajita seasoning, sending the finished product into food ecstasy.





Head down to Sandella’s now and try it!

Dining Dan – @DiningDan