Bodacious Burgers – Tonight!


Take a break from the stress of finals by heading to Food on Demand for dinner tonight…you’ll be able to have a taste of breakfast! The second of our two Bodacious Burgers specials is a Breakfast Burger, available tonight on the dinner menu in limited quantity. Enjoy a beef patty topped with a fried egg, bacon, guacamole, hashbrowns, and American cheese, tickling the tastebuds!

Swing by tonight, and don’t miss out!



Monday at FoD: Bodacious Burgers, pt 2!


Went so nice we did it twice! Come to FöD on Monday, 5/8, for dinner and enjoy another round of Bodacious Burgers.

This time, the special burger is a Breakfast Burger. It contains a beef patty, fried egg, bacon, guacamole, hash browns, and American cheese. Definitely a delicious melding of breakfast and dinner!

There will be limited quantities, so get yours fast!


Bodacious Burgers – Tomorrow!


Tomorrow, May 2nd, we will be featuring our first of two Bodacious Burgers specials at Food on Demand for dinner.

Chili Cheese Burger: A delicious beef patty, topped with scrumptious chili and delectable nacho cheese!

Availability will be limited, get yours fast!


Keep an eye out next Monday, May 8th, when we will have our second Bodacious Burgers special…Breakfast Burger!