TONIGHT: Camp out with some s’mores at FöD for dinner

After our extremely successful s’more event at the Marketplace, we are doing it again at FöD!

Come enjoy the benefits of camping (s’mores) without the bugs, cold, rain, and other rough stuff that comes with it!

We will be set up all through dinner, so don’t miss out!

RIGHT NOW: Lunch Connection in the Marketplace


Today is another installment in our “Lunch Connection” series, giving you a chance to sit down with a chef or manager and give your thoughts and ideas on our dining program!

Right now, Chef Heather Wylie is sitting at a table in the Marketplace waiting for you. So come by, enjoy some pepperoni & cheese stuffed breads and wings, and let your voice be heard!

CATERING: Rolling out new shoestring items!

Putting on events for organizations can be frustrating. So much planning to do. Why add “what food should we get” to the list of headache inducing decisions? For that reason, organizations have had great success with our Catering department’s shoestring menu. Reading the options, ordering the food, it’s all so easy! Since it’s working, we have no reason to change up our menu at all, right?

Wrong. We’ve heard from you, and are adding some new delicious items to our shoestring menu!

  • Jalapeño Poppers
  • Mac & Cheese Bites
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings with a Spicy Remoulade


Find the new order form here, and order today!

Elite Event: Sign up today for Wasabi & Ginger!



Just a friendly reminder to get your RSVP in for our newest Elite Event, Wasabi & Ginger! By signing up, you punch your ticket to a feast of fusion flavor! The event is on Thursday, March 30th at FöD. Reserve your spot by filling out a form at the cashier station at FöD, or send an e-mail to

Here is the delicious options for you to choose from:

Appetizers (pick one)

  • Agedashi Tofu
  • Tsukune (chicken skewer)

Entrees (pick one)

  • Kamo Rosu (seared, marinated duck breast)
  • Gyudon (Japanese beef)
  • Sauteed Clams in Sake & Mirin

Each comes with a Japanese salad with ginger soy dressing, a side of Japanese green beans & hibachi fried rice, and a fresh fruit sushi roll with green tea custard for dessert.



TONIGHT: Spring Weekend Reveals

Tonight is the night! The announcement of Spring Weekend performers will be held in the Marketplace at dinner. While that is exciting enough on its own, the Marketplace is having its own reveal! The Hometown station will be showcasing a menu of BBQ pulled pork sliders, steamed fresh green beans, fresh coleslaw mix, and baked beans, plus churros at the dessert station…all of these items will be an option in our tent at the Spring Carnival!

So stop by the Marketplace tonight, and get pumped up for Spring Weekend!

New meal plans for 2017-18 announced!

It’s official! We here at Sodexo and the University have collectively finished four new meal plans, starting this coming fall. There are some big changes…the new plans eliminate the a la carte retail lunch program and the Marketplace is now staying open continuously throughout the day.  One swipe, including lunch next year, gets you open access to the meal of your choice there!

Head here to learn about each of the plans in depth, and if you have any questions feel free to give us a shout at or!