Elite Event: Sign up today for Wasabi & Ginger!



Just a friendly reminder to get your RSVP in for our newest Elite Event, Wasabi & Ginger! By signing up, you punch your ticket to a feast of fusion flavor! The event is on Thursday, March 30th at FöD. Reserve your spot by filling out a form at the cashier station at FöD, or send an e-mail to diningservices@newhaven.edu.

Here is the delicious options for you to choose from:

Appetizers (pick one)

  • Agedashi Tofu
  • Tsukune (chicken skewer)

Entrees (pick one)

  • Kamo Rosu (seared, marinated duck breast)
  • Gyudon (Japanese beef)
  • Sauteed Clams in Sake & Mirin

Each comes with a Japanese salad with ginger soy dressing, a side of Japanese green beans & hibachi fried rice, and a fresh fruit sushi roll with green tea custard for dessert.



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